07 Jun 2013 Leadership I.D. Program

Knowing how important leadership is to a sustainable presence in a community, Hope Grows has begun a program that identifies the young Haitian candidates who possess leadership qualities and invests in them so they may return to their community and serve as a leader. We are doing this by recognizing young men and women who are strong workers and who have a heart to serve their community. We invest in them by sponsoring them through to completing their schooling, providing mentorship, providing...

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21 May 2013 Widow Support Program

Our new program supporting local widows has been a great success so far. Currently we visit 12 widows once a week and provided them with food, personal hygiene supplies, and a little financial support for daily needs. In this photo you will see Heyphacia. She has been a widow for a while but lost her son in a car accident last year and is now on her own. She is one of the 12 that we currently support.  ...

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18 Apr 2013 Sunday School!

We are now running Sunday school class for the local children under the supervision of Edna Jones. We currently have 50+  kids in attendance and it seems to be growing every week! Our Non-denominational church is located on our compound for the community with local pastor, Raebrun leading the services....

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