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Any donations by cheque should be made to ‘Hope Grows Haiti’. If you would like to designate your donation to one of our projects, please indicate it on your cheque. Our address is:

Hope Grows Haiti
2166 Parkhill Road West
Selwyn, Ontario
K9J 6X4

You can also conveniently donate online by clicking the below button.

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Purchase Coffee

featured-coffeeWe are now selling fair-wage Haitian coffee by the pound! Grown by Haitian farmers but roasted locally to ensure freshness, our Haitian coffee is top quality.

The funds raised from our coffee sales will be used to support our 5 schools that provide approx. 850 students free education as well as our feeding programs which are currently providing 1000 meals a week to hungry children.

If you would like to purchase coffee or sell coffee to help us fundraise, please contact us directly to make arrangements.

Thank you for your patience while we develop our on-line store.

Sponsor a Child for School

Education is a luxury in Grande Goave, Haiti.  It can take so long for a mother to save enough to send her child to school that it is not uncommon to see a 17 year old starting out in grade one.

For only $30.00 a month, which is $360 a year, we are able to send a child to a city school and provide basic school supplies. In our schools in the mountains, we sponsor teachers for $50.00 a month and all children in their area are able to attend for free.

To educate a child is to give them hope and a future.  It is the beginning of change in their precious lives.  A change from destitution to survival and possibilities.


IMG_3358We will be looking for work teams and medical teams to spend time in Grande Goave.  If this interests you as well as any of the following volunteer ideas – please contact us.

  • Have one of our representatives do a short presentation on Hope Grows Haiti for your church or community
  • You can help in your own communities by collecting back packs, school supplies and children’s vitamins for us to ship down.
  • Run a fundraiser for the children of Haiti in your church, neighborhood, place of work or community.
  • Put together a team to come down and spend a week helping out.
  • Please feel free to reach out to us for other volunteer ideas.
Build a Medical Clinic

Medical care in Haiti is only available to those with cash in their hands.  As money is virtually non-existent among the people of Grande Goave, they have no medical care or provisions.  Many suffer and die from disease and ailments that could easily be treated and often cured.  Malaria, scabies, lung disease, infection from untreated cuts and sores and complications during childbirth are only a few of the basic medical needs which often go untreated.

The very poor and isolated mountain people have to carry their sick and dying on their shoulders or on mules down the hazardous trails in search of help.  It is a long arduous journey that can take up to 8 hours or longer.  Often there is no help to be found.  Many of them never make it.

Our goal is to build a facility that would allow medical teams or trained individuals to have a place to work.  A clinic where these precious people would be seen and treated without any cost to them.  A place where suffering can be eased and hope is renewed.

Provide Propane Cook Stoves

These people have been cooking over charcoal and as a result are continually battling lung disease.  By providing propane stoves, we will help save their lungs and make their already difficult lives a little easier.