Urgent Update

16 Sep 2019 Urgent Update

Hello dear friends,

The past seven months since Gord and I were evacuated out of Haiti have just flown by. This has been the longest we have been away from the mission in many years, and as much as it’s been wonderful to be home with our kids, we miss our Haitian family very much.

For those who do not know the details, in February when the uprisings started in Haiti, our kids started a Go-Fund-Me page to raise money to get us out of Haiti. At that time the only way was a helicopter lift from our compound directly to the airport. Dangerous road blocks all along the National Highway prevented us from getting the Canadian nurses team, and ourselves, back home.

With the help of so many that gave generously to raise the money, we were all evacuated within a couple of days. Gord and I left reluctantly but when we arrived home we quickly realized Gord was very sick. It turned out he had malaria, and if we had stayed he would not have had any medical help. God is good, and Gord is back to normal!

Unfortunately, the violence did not stop, and escalated to the point where we had to cancel all our spring teams. It continued to get worse and the country has been terrorized. Just recently fuel tankers and food containers finally arrived at the Port, but as the trucks drove away they were stopped by gangs, some drivers were shot and others held for ransome, but all the fuel and food was stolen. The world looks on in amazement at the lawlessness and lack of caring Haiti shows for their own people. In response, Air Canada is not flying into Haiti until 2020, American Airlines has eliminated most of their flights and Delta has raised their prices beyond our reach, so now all our fall teams that have been booked since last year must be cancelled also.

This is very sad for us. Although all programs at the mission continue to run under the leadership of Wouillio and our staff, visiting teams fund much of what is needed to meet our monthly budget of $18,000.00. That covers the costs for our 5 schools, the medical clinic with a nurse and doctor, our feeding program for 350 kids, meals on wheels for the elderly, music school, english school, our church and the payroll for a staff of 45 workers that desperately depend on their pay to survive.
Woullio has informed us that there is no more gasoline to run our quad or vehicles, the price of rice, beans, fruit, and things needed from the market has now tripled in cost, and our shelves in the clinic pharmacy are empty.

The mission is facing a difficult time right now, and we need your help.
First, we would ask you to pray for us. Our team is always in danger, yet they faithfully show up every day to do their job.
Secondly if you are able to give, we would be so grateful. We know God is able to provide, and if He touches your heart to help, please do. We realize that many of you have already been so generous with Hope Grows and want you to know our hearts overflow with gratitude. We continually ask God to bless you in ways you cannot imagine!

Thank you for your faithfulness, your compassion and your kindness,

Heather and Gord