Statement during civil unrest

15 Feb 2019 Statement during civil unrest


Official statement – 8:30am Friday, February 15 – Grand Goave, Haiti

This morning at Hope Grows Haiti the atmosphere is calm. We are peaceful, yet concerned after the Presidents address last night stating he will not step down.

There is a team of 8 nurses from Canada that has not been able to leave and although safe right now, still very anxious to get home. Personal medications are running out which is also a concern.

We are rationing food, water, and fuel for the generator, as we don’t know when we’ll be able to find more.

There is also the threat of further escalation of violence in our area with the latest word from the Haitian government.

The need to evacuate before all communication is lost and food and water is gone, is imperative.
With our Canadian embassy closed throughout this crisis we have had intermittent communication with Ottawa.

We know friends and family are praying, and are so grateful. We also know our mighty God is in control.

Heather Rodin