Spring 2022 update

30 May 2022 Spring 2022 update

The past three years have been especially difficult for Haiti. Covid hit quickly and all feeding programs and classrooms as well as the clinic required PPE for all staff as well as soap and water for the kids to wash before their meal. These were not easy to arrange. Testing was not a possibility so the virus had free run for a year. Some died, but most recovered as their immune systems are strong.

Political uprisings then infiltrated the country, paralyzingly towns and villages with the threat of violence, seeing road barricades and armed gangs at every turn. As the country continued to roil, President Jovenel Moise was assassinated, throwing the country into greater turmoil. To this day he has not been replaced and lack of enforced law has been crippling to the Haitian people.

Last year an earthquake in the south-west was immediately followed by a hurricane. Damage was tremendous, and the already inflated dollar tripled, making one bag of rice soar from $25 to now almost $100, gas for generators and transport from $300 /month to $1,000/month. Medicine for the clinic is difficult to find and the need to increase payroll for staff…pressing.

Along with these issues came greater gang activity with undeterred kidnappings and murders every day. Life has become a nightmare for most, requiring Hope Grows to increase financial help to keep feeding the hungry in our village and mountain communities, repairing damaged homes, keeping our 5 schools open and providing desperately needed medical care for all.

The good news is, the mission under the direction of Wouillio Zamor is thriving. We are so grateful for his leadership in keeping all the programs running smoothly, as we anxiously wait to be back with our Haitian family again.

Thank you to all who have given. Your gifts to the mission are making a difference. Be assured, in one small community in this difficult country…hope is growing!

May God bless you abundantly!